Our collective expertise supports communities every step of the way.

We're a group of family businesses working together to make communities better.

At Greenway Development Group, we're a sum of parts with similar values and a shared dream. Our dream is to be the one and only resource a community needs to plan, build, and manage high-quality developments—housing, mixed-use, or completely custom—that are made to last and remove barriers for healthy, scalable growth.

Our developments are the result of careful listening, thoughtful planning, and the right projects in the right places. With so much attention to detail and the drive to provide rationale-based solutions, we've helped communities enjoy the growth they deserve. One development at a time.

Get to know the co-Founders

Our combined expertise, shared values, and past successes make us uniquely qualified to form partnerships for the long haul and provide communities with a unified plan, build, manage approach.

Brent T. Brown

Managing Partner, Greenway Development Group

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Dusty D. Emmert

President, Snyder Construction Group

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Strategic partners that are crucial to ensuring the success of our plan, build and manage strategy.

Collectively, our values and experiences meet to develop and create something amazing. It is with our strategic partners that Greenway Development Group continues to welcome new and thriving developments to our communities.

Greenway Development Group is proud to partner with such innovative individuals and companies.

Meet our strategic partners.
Brion Lindseth, JD CPA
Snyder Construction Group

Whatever solutions your community needs to grow and thrive, we develop them.

When we meet with community leaders to find out what pressing needs they have that we can help develop, our priority is to listen and learn. By asking communities to share their challenges and goals with us, we can identify the best possible plan for a solution that fulfills an immediate need and plays an important role in future growth.

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Community-first planning
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Custom approach and solutions
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Combined expertise and experience
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Facilitator for every resource needed
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Committed to preservation
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Serving local businesses first
Together, we facilitate every last resource needed for community-building developments.

Our three-dimensional approach helps us ensure the communities we're working with don't have to shoulder the burden of finding answers or resources on their own. Not at the first collaborative meeting, not in the middle of construction, and not after the ribbon cutting. We're your partners for life so you can spend more time doing what you do best: working to improve your community.


Community members and movers and shakers alike trust in our approach.

Our approach to planning, building, and managing developments has resulted in community milestones like more diverse residential options, places for local businesses to set up shop, and efficient solutions for housing shortages.

Greenway takes a strategic and very professional approach to real estate development and management. Their experience from site selection to construction and even professional property management is second-to-one.
- Brett Magers, EVP / Chief Lending Officer at Legacy Bank & Trust

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