Facilitating vibrant growth for communities

Our developments ignite limitless potential in the places that need them most.

Whatever solutions your community needs, we develop them.

At Greenway Development Group, we facilitate every resource it takes to plan and create high-quality developments, from site selection to design and construction to happily-ever-after property management. Over the past ten years, we have designed, built and managed $175 million in multifamily, mixed-use and other commercial projects resulting in nearly 1500 residential units.

We’re passionate about using our expertise to build multi-family and mixed-use developments that bring affordable housing solutions to communities that need them. How do we know what those solutions are? By listening. By getting to know what communities need. By being a trusted partner.

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Our developments are perfect spaces for living, working, growing communities.

Our planning, building, and management capabilities give the communities we work with developments that meet their unique needs and goals. From micro-efficiency studio developments perfect for independent students to luxury apartments with working professionals in mind, our unique approach gives us the resources and partnerships we need to help communities set their sights on the future.

Studio Units

Micro-efficiency units for busy professionals

1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms

Multiple unit sizes for every type of resident

Student Housing

Sought-after campus living

Mixed Use

Multi-purpose spaces with appeal for all

Commercial Spaces

Ideal for local businesses with room to grow

Custom Approach

Got another need? We're still your team.

We're focused on facilitating developments that help cities thrive.

Our partnerships with communities have allowed us to use a common-sense approach to plan, build, and manage properties based on real community needs. Our developments have been 100% pre-leased before completion, jump-started neighborhood revivals, and expanded campus communities.


The Highline Apartments

Luxury Apartments in a Natural Setting


Galloway Creek

Mixed-Use in a Booming Neighborhood


Boomer Town Luxury Studios

Studio Development Close to Campus

We're passionate about planning, building, and managing developments with long-term value.

Fully managed developments
Clean, modern, adaptable builds
Supports local business growth
Built to preserve surroundings
Successful pre-leasing and lease up record
Functional and thoughtfully designed

Take the first step toward a development that ignites limitless potential in your community. Get in touch.